Post-International break main football thread

As if anyone but Thrillner will take that penalty.

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really miss the international break


Strap yourself in for another solid three weeks of city/united forum vomit!

Going to the cloudwater tap beforehand. Dunno if that fits in with a canal walk?

Walsall and Crewe are great examples of this. 3 little sheds and then one huge stand that’s about 3 times the size.

Don’t need to hear from Jamie redknapp every 5 minutes

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NBC commentary is always so much better. Normally Lee Dixon and Le Saux on co commentary, Dixon in particular is a great co commentator

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Fouls, long balls, and lots of running around so far.


Really hope high pressing goes out of fashion soon. Big games between these sort of teams are much lower quality/entertainment than they used to be imo

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You can get away with endless niggly fouls when pressing it gets boring

Dier with a lovely defence splitting pass there. Weight on it was perfect.

Yeah there obviously needs to be a rule change to stop rotational fouling & punish fouls higher up the pitch more. When that happens the Spurses and Liverpools of this world (and City tbf) would find their style harder to sustain

I am also watching the match!

City are the worst for it by far

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Vorm :neutral_face:

Back fan of putting your shortest player on the post on set pieces. Rafael was always good for a laugh with that

True but at least they play proper football when they do get the ball

Also true

Spurs should just give Kane a month’s rest.


“I dunno what pochettino is gonna do they need summink…maybe son…I’m not really sure what e’s finking…Liverpool have so much pace…maybe son can give Tottenham that bit of pace but they need to do summink”