Post-International break main football thread

Midcard jobber at best

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He’ll be an England international. Howe loves an ex player

Pretending to be Welsh isn’t he?

Seems like it…can he bin them off again now he has represented them? Going to need him on the right side with Francis, and Eddie at the helm for the next World Cup

Sorry pal, him and Harry “Torres” Wilson are bringing the World Cup to Wales next time round.

(Or maybe the time after that)

This is unbelievable to me. Reckon football should do away with referees keeping count, do away with injury time, and stick to a decent about, and just have the clock ticking with the ball in-play for a set amount per half. 35-40 mins would be about right iirc.

Ridiculous that “not playing football” is an actual tactic


Non-cheaty British teams playing the game in the spirit it was meant.

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Games like that would just drag on and on though. Cardiff weren’t time-wasting against Burnley, they were waiting 40s at every throw for their big lads to come up from the back

Anything that makes things difficult for Cardiff and teams like them is fine by me, however ‘legitimate’ it might be for Bruno Manga to need a full minute to get from one end of the pitch to the other.


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They were the best eight minutes of the game though


Mortgaged beer tokens on Otamendi getting sent off here

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This isn’t meant to be offensive or belittling of the situation or anything but wondering if the Ronaldo case should have a split topic. Feel a bit silly calling Pep a bald prick in the middle of such a serious discussion.

With CL games and the inevitable Mourinho meltdown something’s bound to get lost too.

Tell me to get lost if you want.


Give us a tick.

All Ronaldo-related posts here, pls: Ronaldo (trigger warning)


Agree with this. This is a bloody good game to watch btw

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Been reading the football threads for years. Finally get a chance to contribute and subbed off after two posts :frowning:

(Totally agree with splitting it off)