Post-International break main football thread


and who said they weren’t the most gammon fans in the league?


People who say Burnley are for the sole purpose of triggering me.

TBF today we were well shat.


lol “Shatwell”


Them lot pretend to like the poppy more than half this forum pretends to like Taylor Swift


Haha! Two Sky apologies for picking up swearing in two games.

But hardly this.


Yarmolenko :+1:


Marco Silva reminds me of The Fucker from The Thick of It.


Moist von Lipwig out of Discworld.


Speaking of faces that are impossible to memorise, Leon Osman can’t be physically described. Just cannot be done.



team mates, team MATES



Turns out we were absolute shite and Lyon are going to embarrass us. Calls into question everything about aggpass’s account tbh.


Enjoyed the Mudial tweet about this which was just “fucking hell”


Shit! Did you see that??


This was a very sexy goal


Looks x100 better from that second angle


Nice story this


easily the best man in the history of english football, and playing for the best, most loved club too!


biggest disparity between non-gammon player and gammon club ever


Cantona at United.