Pretty much stopped using them without ever noticing. They used to be quite a part of my life.

Never used post-its
Always been suspicious of those who have

Back in the day of books I liked to use those little ones as bookmarks.

Such a waste of paper

Yeah, god bless the Kindle.

I’ve got immediate access to four (4) different kinds at the moment.

I had a professional dispenser two jobs back and I also met my wife.

That’s so romantic

Alas, I’m merely a talented (unmarried) amateur.

I bought post-its recently, I am using them, they are very useful.


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My Dad is also an avid user of post-its. Quite often whilst on the phone he’ll say “I haven’t spoken to you for a while, I have a post-it reminding me to do so”

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currently active post-its:

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Do think your big shot professional dispenser played any part in attracting your Mrs?

is that a saudii riyal?

maybe quatari?


Of course.

Nearly all my sexual partners have been attracted through stationery.

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