Post-lunch, pre-dinner, lunch and dinner thread



I had a free burrito today for lunch, if you can call one bought on a loyalty card free.


I had a really big lunch and don’t really know if I’ll also want a proper dinner.



so really the cost of that burrito was factored into the price of your twenty previous burritos


Probably rocking the hot avocado tonight


I made myself a little stir-fry/noodle thing with the leftover roast pork from yesterday, an egg and a bit of veg. Was very nice.

Having jacket potatoes (BORING!) for tea cos the woman is getting her nails did and won’t be back til late. I will be having cheese and beans for my filling.




Never heard it called that before.


touch me


Yep, although it was 10 burritos. I’ve got about 6 “free” tortilla chips and salsa to get but I never bother getting them because you already get tortilla chips with the burrito so what is a boy to do? I decided today I’m going to them to take home with me when I’m making burritos at home (I eat other food too).


I had a baked potato for lunch and I would literally kill each and every one of you for a massive burrito right now.



Lunch was urad dal, bombay potato, saag and biryani, with a side of lime pickle.

Dinner will be potato, spinach, poached egg and hollandaise sauce, with a side of lettuce, tomato and gherkin.


Go to the doctor.


Why expressionless? I’d be a bit disappointed because I wouldn’t have dinner to look forward to.


Probably having meat-free meatballs (shut up) with homemade tomato sauce, pesto and pasta for the dinner tonight.

If there was a loyalty card for eating at home, I’d be quids in.


Had a good salted caramel Brownie and a flat white from a decent coffee place in town. Going out for pizzer in a bit


you’re in the lead so far i think


hello i also had a burrito for lunch


If it’s lunchtime on DiS and no-one has a burrito, is it even really lunch time?


hello friend