Post-lunch slump

All this week I’ve been full speed 8.30 - 12.00, lunch an hour & then slow down to almost stop between 1 & 2. Practically fell asleep yesterday around 2:15.

Then I pick up again after 3 and by the time 5 rolls around I’m back at full speed and wanting to carry on working rather than go home

Same for everyone? Anyone got any suggestions/methods/tips ?

Currenlty in my pre-lunch slump

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What do you eat for lunch? Today is roast day in our canteen which is likely to wipe me out for the rest of the afternoon.

today I had a chicken caesar salad, yesterday was pasta carbonara

I don’t usually drink coffee at work, I get too agitated, maybe I should have an espresso after lunch or something?

Do you drink coffee throughout the day?

This used to happen to me until I stopped drinking coffee after 12.

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dunno but i’m starving today


I started switching to decaffeinated after 1pm and feel better for it.

see above

Pasta is the worst culprit for blood sugar crash. You should eat high protein low carb to keep your energy levels more balanced. Note I do not often practice what I preach btw, but when I do I feel miles better and get loads more done in the afternoon.

Is this the lunch thread? If so I’m having a warm coronation chicken, mozzarella, tomato and basil baguette, inspired by someone in here the other night.

Advice wise just avoid heavy carbs as much as you can

No carbs, 17 coffees

this would result in cardiac arrest for me

keep reading this as ‘chrolonation chicken’ now

thanks brexit

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but if I don’t eat carbs at lunch I just get super hungry by 3pm

drink shitloads of water

eat less carbs (when i eat a gigantic salad with minimal carbs i am never tired after lunch)

if you’ve got like a sandwich + snacks for lunch, don’t eat everything at once, space the snacks out during the afternoon

and yeah, post lunch coffee :ok_hand:

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I honestly don’t get this unless a) I eat an absolute kings ransom for lunch (never happens) or b) I have a pint at lunch (never happens).

I wonder what I should do with this superpower that I possess.

You should arrange all your meetings to directly after lunch

Come to think of it, when I went vegan (for 6 months) the after-lunch slump completely disappeared despite me eating extra carbs/starch to make up the calorie difference - though also extra fibre and probably lots more vitamins & minerals too.

So it can’t just be the carbs surely?

I’ve managed to get the number of meetings I have down by about 50% simply by refusing to have ones that I think have zero utility.

Although this is a good strategy it isn’t that practical because I don’t really ever have a lunch break I just eat lunch at my desk and do internet stuff interspersed with work. Sometimes this process takes 30 minutes, sometimes it takes 2 hours. Would hate to bang in a 1.30 meeting and feel… trapped you know?