Post-lunch time, pre-home time FOOD




I’ve had my lunch but STILL HUNGRY. what should I eat? should I just wait until hometime? (<2hrs)


just had a tuna sandwich. might have a kiwi. might not

have a banana


might have a kiwi now that you’ve said that. not kiwi’d in quite a while.


I have just eaten some flapjack.


im hungry too but i gotta get rid of some belly so im holding out


Got a banana waiting to be yammed at around 4:15 before I go for a big cycle.


I had a bag of mini choklit fingers and a coffee as my lunch didn’t satisfy


whopping levels of vitamin c in a kiwi man


i probably should but probably won’t


skin on?




I just had a rice crispy square (shop bought sort)

I’m still hungry

Someone across the way in the office has made a delicious looking chocolate tart thing for their team. I don’t know them/ the team but would love a slice.

Will I just brazen it out and help myself?

(answer: I won’t)


Just go over there, give it the “Ooh, that looks really good…”

As much as they don’t want to, they won’t be able to resist inviting you to have a bit.

Take advantage of the British inability to say ‘no, fuck off’.


would you like a yogurt? i’d give you one


preliminarily yes, but I would like some more details


it was sexual innuendo


I’m starving. They’ve stopped buying office biscuits and are taking away our Nespresso machine. Barbaric.

HOWEVER, I’ve still got lots of the cookie(s) I made yesterday at home. You’re welcome to one of those if you find where I live, break in, and take one.