Post Malone.... Good actually eh


he seems a good guy but that song is not good at all. just seems generic as owt

I was getting a load of timber from the job I’m working at a couple of weeks ago and there were a bunch of dickheads surrounding the back door of the hotel taking photos of the van and stuff so I beeped my horn at them a few times and then as they moved I saw it was post malone doing autographs, he’s very skinny! thought he was a BURMA

remember liking white Iverson and then have never listened to any of his songs again

His first song on YouTube is hilarious, I refuse to listen to his hits because they won’t sound the same

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Lol wtf

hwat tHE HECK

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White Iverson is still great

I like this:

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The lyrics to stay are pretty juvenile but I do think it’s melodically interesting at least, a nice twist on Whatever / Wonderwall Oasis style

Obviously was a huge hit but I do think it’s a genuinely good song.

As with all his stuff you do have to get past the corny / cringe element of his existence.