Post Malone



Post Malone is massive, right? Noticed that he’s getting a lot of "Who?"chat after the Reading Festival line-up announcement, but his streaming numbers are Drake / Kendrick massive.

His music seems utterly non-descript to me, but in a way that’s hard to get worked up about either way.

Anyone here rate him?


White Iverson is amazing. Somehow never heard anything since.


I just thought it was a statement about DiS in the years since Joeymahone last posted on here.


No, this thread is about Police Academy 5


I’d never heard of him until a couple of hours ago when I read the terrible festivals thread. I am 44 years old.


having, as per usual, misread the thread title, I can see how that makes more sense, however a i’m now disappointed it isn’t a John Stockton autobiography about life after the NBA


I saw him do a cover of johnny cash in a guitar shop and thought he was a cool weird country sort of guy. proper confused when i heard rockstar on the radio - hes a good guitarist at least.



Subtitle - ‘the mailman doesnt deliver anymore :sob:




Can’t deny the catchiness of a few of his songs (White Iverson, Go Flex, Congratulations) but something about him seems really corny, and I’m a Drake fan.

Also, didn’t he say some problematic shit about hip-hop recently? I will double check this, I struggle to keep up with music controversies.


WAIT. Drake is big news these days?


wouldnt base my look on James Franco in Spring Breakers


He’s bad. Avoid at all costs.


yeah, he had a bunch of videos doing those sorts of covers, then he did whatever this shit is for a minute:

then lyor cohen got hold of him and remoulded him into what he is now. begrudgingly admit that white iverson is alright tho


White Iverson def had it’s time and place. I had a pair of white Iverson’s in 98.
Think I had got every model he made up through the Iverson 5’s.