Post Malone

Post Malone is massive, right? Noticed that he’s getting a lot of "Who?"chat after the Reading Festival line-up announcement, but his streaming numbers are Drake / Kendrick massive.

His music seems utterly non-descript to me, but in a way that’s hard to get worked up about either way.

Anyone here rate him?

White Iverson is amazing. Somehow never heard anything since.

I just thought it was a statement about DiS in the years since Joeymahone last posted on here.

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No, this thread is about Police Academy 5


I’d never heard of him until a couple of hours ago when I read the terrible festivals thread. I am 44 years old.

having, as per usual, misread the thread title, I can see how that makes more sense, however a i’m now disappointed it isn’t a John Stockton autobiography about life after the NBA


Subtitle - ‘the mailman doesnt deliver anymore :sob:

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Can’t deny the catchiness of a few of his songs (White Iverson, Go Flex, Congratulations) but something about him seems really corny, and I’m a Drake fan.

Also, didn’t he say some problematic shit about hip-hop recently? I will double check this, I struggle to keep up with music controversies.

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WAIT. Drake is big news these days?

wouldnt base my look on James Franco in Spring Breakers

He’s bad. Avoid at all costs.

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yeah, he had a bunch of videos doing those sorts of covers, then he did whatever this shit is for a minute:

then lyor cohen got hold of him and remoulded him into what he is now. begrudgingly admit that white iverson is alright tho

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White Iverson def had it’s time and place. I had a pair of white Iverson’s in 98.
Think I had got every model he made up through the Iverson 5’s.

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Gonna try listen to Beerbongs & Bentlys as a friend is a fan of his. Not particularly sure about this tbh

I know its very DiS to pretend not to know popular stuff, but I was genuinely staggered at how high in Spotify plays he was
Couldnt name a single song

yeah he’s massive and all over the airwaves out here. but i have yet to meet anyone that likes him.

Sounded like an Aerosmith ballad by way of late 2010s trap. Pish

ha this is a good descrip! if anything it makes it sounds better than it is tho.


It’s inoffensive, but less offensively inoffensive than someone like Ed Sheeran? I dunno, I’m not against it - and he’s got quite an endearing drawl when it’s not drowned in autotune. All that does not mean I’d deliberately listen to him though!

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