🌟 Post of the Month: June Vote [Sadpunk vs. Hexagram Playoff]

Five posts.

But which is better?

There’s only one way to find out…


Bus please!

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Oh shiiit.
Wanna go for Hexagram for pure effort but mute - branches was really doing excellent work in the Glastonbury thread.

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can’t decide between these two and sadpunk :frowning:

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I’m just gonna keep bumping this, it’s so close. 18 votes, come on lads

don’t get the manches brute one. Is it because Robert’s hair looks like a dogs?

nah, context, everyone in the thread was posting photos of their dogs watching The Cure’s set at Glasto, manches flipped-reversed the trend

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Looks like sadpunk might have it… will close this later or put it to a tie-break

has to be hexagram surely? Very creative

if we had it my way we’d have four posts of the week…

Creative POTW
Funny Quip OTW
Sentimental POTW
Someone doing something daft OTW


Will close this at 11am.

If it is tied then we’ll have a playoff

Playoff time! 24 hours to vote.

Can we not have a draw they were both good in their own way

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Cruel master


save it for thursday oh

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I feel bad to rag on sadpunk as his post is good and kind of funny but pretty standard DiS banter whereas hexagram really surprised me with his creativity and will live on longer in my memory.


I think I agree, but sometimes there’s nothing better than a perfectly placed quip