Post of the week vote for 4/2 - 10/2

I’m going to be handling the threads for POTW on behalf of @whiterussian for the foreseeable, so here is your poll for last week!

Here was last week’s nomination thread:

Votes close on Wednesday midday.

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@moderators could someone fix the typo in the thread title for me please :persevere:

should be fine now :+1:


Thanks wwwwo :slight_smile:

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Britney voice

It’s gonna be meme


Bump for any last votes.

Vote closes in a couple of hours and we are currently on a tie!

(btw, in future I will close the votes on Tuesday, don’t know why I set it so long)

Congratulations @stickboy! :confetti_ball:

@whiterussian will award you your POTW badge at her convenience.

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