POST of the WEEK



Nominations with links please. I’ll try not to go rogue again this time.


been chucking to myself about this more than I should have this week




PSA: can you all please like the nominating posts in here rather than waiting on a poll please. It is also possible to like more than one post



Dingaling voted for one of mine but hers above is loads better


Anything by @bargainmax



Style and content, spot on :+1:

Be(he)st use of spolier blur outside of a joke thread imo








you’re gonna be the one that scythes my


Nah m8 yours is still making me proper chuckle a week later

Feel a bit conflicted cos on one hand I’m so honoured with all the nominations and nice comments, but on the other the subject matter is horrific as fuck


Congrats @dingaling! How will you be celebrating?


Late nomination after the poles have closed but this did me.


I’m thinking of maybe starting the nominations thread at the beginning of next week!? That way you don’t forget posts but can link them up right when you first see it


Let’s just agree that we’re both fantastic