Post Pinkerton Weezer - track by track

I realised that the only post Pinkerton Weezer album I’ve heard in full is Hurley so with the constant debates we have on here, I’m going to listen to each album and do a little track by track review. Doing it in a new thread so as to not disrupt the other Weezer thread. Also I;m no critic so excuse the lack of insight. I also know this isn’t original or of interest but oh well

Here goes starting with Green

  • Don’t Let Go. Rivers sounds a bit bored, and considering the last album started with Tired of Sex, it’s a bit pedestrian. Not a bad song but very plain, and lyrically it’s simplistic as anything.

  • Photograph. This is more like it. The backing harmonies mix well with the lead (although Rivers still sounds a bit…well , bored). Nice solid guitar throughout, it’s a step up, if still lacking something

Hash Pipe- I really love this track. The vocals are unlike what he’s done before, the lyrics are a throwback to older Weezer, and it;s just a bit of a banger all round. Great video too, still dunno how Brian does that leg pose thing

Island in the Sun. Not sure what the consensus is on this, but everyone knows it. THe hip hip bit is annoying but I think it’s quite a lovely song and does what it sets out to do just fine

Crab - now we’re getting to the songs I’ve not heard. Don’t really need to hear Rivers singing the word ‘knickers’ . This is a bit crap really. Just goes nowhere, and it’s altogether a bit pointless

Knock-down Drag-out - apparently influenced a lot by Green Day which doesn’t really come through. It suffers the same as half this album so far. Repetitive, bit simple and not altogether interesting. It’s nothing offensive or awful, it’s just there.

Smile. Starts off like God Gave Rock And Roll To You gone wrong but it’s alright this song. Seems to have a bit of heart and something to it, and it’s better for it. Think it would’ve worked better as a slower or a more introspective song but out of the non singles, it’s probably the best so far

Simple Pages. argh, the fast singing style is a bit of a harbinger. ‘give me some love sugar’. The chorus is really jarring here, doesn’t fit at all. It’s definitely going for the anthem, but it all honesty, its rubbish. THe backing music to this album is very similar throughout

Glorious Day - starts off promisingly but it drags and this album feels a hell of a lot longer than the 30 minutes it is. Again, this is alright, quite a catchy refrain but there’s not really which makes me want to go back and listen to it again

O Girlfriend - it does make a difference when Rivers has some feeling, beause his voice in this elevates the song but as an album closer, it’s a bit of an odd choice. it’s not really the triumphant ending to what should’ve been a triumphant return

Green overall. it’s alright. BEst songs are easily the singles. The rest of the album is just there. Very samey. It seems the reaction to Pinkerton made them want to play it safe, and the album suffers for it I think. Overall it’s a 6/10. I would have named it Beige


Very excited for you to get to the new one

ill probably give up by Make Believe tbh

You’re not allowed. You’ve made the thread


At least get to The Girl Got Hot on Raditude

Green was just what was happened because Weezer toured with Ash. In the same way A Life Less Ordinary was what happened when Ash toured with Weezer.

Pretty much my view of the album too. First three are decent, rest is just dull. I remember a few critics going nuts for Knock Down Drag Out at the time and I’ve never figured out why…

Even as a Weezer nut, I’d say good luck with Death To False Metal (an odds and sods compilation) if you do that one. Any other record has at least one song to recommend it.


Photograph is such a banger


It’ll be interesting to see what comes of Weezer’s tour with Pixies then!

Green is a weird album for me because although a lot of it is pedestrian and not that good I listened to it every day,multiple times for a few weeks after a pretty horrendous year of family deaths and misery when I was a kid while also reading some really great books and in amazing rural countryside in the south of France and being “yeah,life’s alright actually”.


Yeah i can imagine that if I heard it on release when i was a youth i would have loved it

I love Green, as a start to finish pop blast.


I did this a few years ago except I’d never listened to Blue or Pinkerton but I liked a few songs from raditude. Worked my way back from there. I’ve nothing really to add except I like burnt jamb and have no real interest in listening to anything else that much more even when the songs are fun including most of Pinkerton anyway. Like to hear songs from green on film soundtracks though. Remember that one set in a ski resort with Zack galafinaikis.

Burndt Jamb <3

Best idea for a thread on the music board in a long time :heart:


Just checked: how have they had so many albums out?

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11 total. it kind of blew my mind after I found that out. I honestly am excited to see him listen to Radditude and Death To False Metal for the first time. And to a lesser extent Pacific Daydream (which I’ve grown to hate after listening to it 3 times) and Make Believe.

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I mean I’ve never even made it through Pinkerton (okay I have but it didn’t really stick and @xylo is still angry at me) so the thought of another 9 just seems too daunting.

I’ve got 8 more?! oh good lord