Post Pinkerton Weezer - track by track

It was the bit about the title that did it. I’ve given up on them now, but there was nothing worse than when a new album got announced and the dread of waiting to see what a song with a title along the lines of “Follow that Ass” or something would sound like.

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Probably be next up on OK Human that

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California Snow I think is only first known from Black Album sessions

I quite like it. A strong chorus melody imo.

Too Many Thoughts In My Head was much better as a demo

OK Human is in the great Weezer album tier imo. Very interested to hear @TKC thoughts


Yeah Byzantine is the one that has bits of it hanging around since the black room songs. Gone full circle started in the black room ended on the black album.

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I’ll try do it soon

and here they come!

All My Favourite Songs - I liked the start with the strings and the woodwind (even though Rivers’ voice is quite grating, has it always been?) but when it ‘kicks in’, I dunno, it doesn’t do it for me. I can imagine a video where he’s walking wistfully down a street whilst little things fly past him and the words in the lyrics show on screen. I like the use of the Beatles esque horns in the background but it sounds just like they’ve been taken from Nine In The Afternoon. I don’t like this song but at least it isn’t making me want to rip my ears off, which I guess is a win

Aloo Gobi - more strings. His voice is really in the front of the mix and it’s making the lyrics (‘my butt will bruise’) even more prominent and as before, his voice is really quite irritating. Annoyingly so its when the music seems okay but there’s something very radio friendly-esque about them. It really does seem they are all about now trying to get on the radio by any means necessary, rather than writing songs cause they like them. This song is almost identical to the one before it which is a brave move.

Grapes of Wrath - wait, are all the songs using the exact same strings and structure? They’ve now had the exact same song three times in a row. It;s like they’ve found a formula which doesn’t completely suck and thought that’ll do lads, write some shite over the top Rivers and we’ll call it a day.

Numbers - oh fuck me they actually are. At least the strings here are used slightly differently. Why is he saying Numbers like num-BERS? Why is he singing about school again, you’re in your 40s(50s?) mate. This album is starting to annoy me because of how lazy it is. At least it’s only half an hour long. They couldn’t even be arsed to make a longer album

Playing My Piano - it doesn’t start with the same old strings! best song on the album! This song sounds like it would be on a Muppets movie or something, crooning about playing a piano. I’m really struggling to find anything to note in these songs because they all follow almost exactly the same format. It’s bland radio rock with some interesting flourishes in the background (interesting the first time anyway).

Mirror Image - if you want an indication of how samey these songs are, I was just typing into Playing My Piano how much I actually quite liked the final section but it turns out its a brand new song. This is alright, its a minute long song but it feels like the ‘big’ ending to a song rather than a standalone song. I quite like this, but its a very odd placing of song. Its a bit reminiscent of Blast Off. A bit.

Screens - the backing strings are used differently here, to drive the song along rather than just being plonked in the background of something. This is quite good actually, its a decent power pop song. It’s not very Weezery it actually sounds a bit of a 70s/80s rock song but brought up to date. Do quite like this, something a bit different both on the album and in their discography as a whole.

Bird With A Broken Wing - this is okay but almost completely forgettable. It resorts back to the familiar Got to be honest, I got caught in something at work when this was on so it passed me by a bit, I went back to restart it and I still don’t really have anything much to say. The definition of ‘completely fine’. Already forgotten it, again

Dead Roses - again as above, it washed over me this. It had the potential to have a decent little chorus then flatlined.

Here Comes The Rain - quite a nice little piano based ditty it sounds like. Here, like with Screens, the use of the strings and other backing instruments are used to actually propel the song forward a bit rath - forget that, just heard the chorus, its shite. I like the verses here but the chorus is just properly…cheesy. And the bridge. A promising start to a fart of a song.

La Brea Tar Pits - I think the most remarkable bit about this song is how unremarkable it is. I know they aren’t gonna wang out an Only In Dreams again any time soon but a final song should surely feel like a bit of an ending, whereas this song could be plonked anywhere on the album and it wouldn’t matter. Again, it’s completely similar apart from a nice little instrumental at the end.

I thought this album was the definition of average. It’s nowhere near as offensively bad as previous ones but it was just so bland. It had an interesting idea at the start but then they just kept repeating it over and over again to the extent that it lost all value. They did right calling it ‘OK’ Human. If they’d called it ‘Good’ human, I;d be suing them for false advertising