Post-Punk Revival or Garage Rock Revival

What is the differents?

example bands

Revival is a really weird word when you say it loads of times.

Revival revival revival revival revival revival

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Post punk and garage rock are totally different genres, for starters


Chorus pedals and synths?

can you put bands?

lol, is this the second time this exact thread has been posted? Is @alexalea trying to cheat through a review for the NME or something?

its all rock music who cares

Here’s another one of their revival threads

Meet me back here in a year for this thread’s revival

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Post punk revival (influenced by bands from the late 70s/early 80s):

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Garage rock revival (influenced by bands from the mid-late 60s):

It could be confusing because the press, NME especially, often seemed to talk about both as if they were the same thing. Wikipedia entries for each do the same too.

But there’s the big difference - post is punk influenced by late 70s/early 80s bands, angular sounding guitar, a bit of funk creeping into the rhythms perhaps, Joy Division, seemed to be a popular choice of infuence; garage rock is influenced mostly by 60s rhythm’n’blues bands, some pre-punk like the Stooges and MC5, and some 50s rock.

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But, if you ask me truthfully, I think that “garage rock revival” is a misnomer. Because it never went away, it never stopped. Since the first bands were doing it in the 1960s, there’s never been a time without garage bands.

There was the Droogs in 1972, to name one. Bands like DMZ and the Fleshtones were doing it in the mid-70s, in 1980 there was the Fuzztones, in the mid-80s the Milkshakes and the Mourning After in the UK, to name two. In the US the Chesterfield Kings, in Sweden the Stomach Mouths and the Nomads. The 5678s started in Japan in the mid-80s. There were the Gruesomes in Canada. By the 90s there was the Gories, the Mighty Caesars (who became the Headcoats), the Mummies and hundreds more. So many countries had numerous bands, on top of the ones named a bove. It was never “revived”. It just got a bit more popular at certain times.

Garage rock:


COMPLETELY different.

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And yet I do like, and have seen live, both bands numerous times. :slight_smile:

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They’re exactly the same thing aren’t they?

Like The Strokes and Gang Of Four

Er… No.

Post punk.

Garage rock.

the original genres are typically pretty different, albeit with one fairly influenced by the other, but i’d say there’s definitely a bit of crossover in the so-called ‘revival’ scenes of both.

OK then, if you’re gonna get technical about it Green Day and The White Stripes

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