Post Rock

Chris Ott did a few good videos recently on post rock, and I’ve been listening to some of the stuff he recommends. Favourites so far have been the Sonora Pine (especially II), Jessamine, The For Carnation and 1 Mile North.

Here’s the videos and the spotify playlist:

This one is more about the conflation of post rock and emo, but idk anything about that

what else you got? :slight_smile:


also if there’s another thread on this I couldn’t see it so mods delete away :slight_smile:

I’ve really grown away from post rock. Sad, really.

But by god was Mogwai’s Every Country’s Sun last year really good.


nothing after CODY really sticks in my mind, but the soundtrack for les revenants was dece

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I was a big fan of this lot

Wasn’t necessarily the most original, but they nailed some of the quiet buildup then BAM, decent live too.

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shit man, these videos sound just right for watching during breaks tomorrow. So many thanks!!

All his videos and podcasts are worth listening to. He’s really very good and passionate, but can come off as a bit of a tit (a loveable tit though, if you’re reading this chris)

Can remember the exact moment I went iff post-rock, watching Mono live in sheffield. Couldnt pay me to listen to it now.

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Always liked this (and many of the bands on it):

Oh man, these videos are awesome- thank you for the introduction!

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I’d seriously like to know if there’s ever been anything better than or on the level of Lift Yr Skinny Fists. With the exception of a few albums, most other post-rock fades into the background for me.


Used to love Tristeza. Sweep the Leg Johnny were very good. Don’t see Mountain Men Anonymous mentioned much but they had this:

Which I’ve got a fondness for.

Do Reynolds count? Still have a soft spot for Reynolds…

I like Sweep The Leg… and Rodan too.

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A couple of mates of mine from a decade back. Rough-as-fuck recording but they were fantastic.

Don’t know if anyone else is aware of Whale Fall but both of these albums are superb.

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What constitutes post rock is it just instrumental and lots of reverb?