Post something that will frighten a DiSer

Yesterday Chris “the hawk” Hawkins asked an IT Consultant ‘I’ve always wondered what an IT conusltant does?’.

Now I appreciate there are some jobs with pretty cloudy titles but this?

I guess if you’ve spent your whole career getting up at 3am to do the early breakfast show you might have managed to avoid ever working with one

Not sure I know what they do either tbf

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Are you aware of IT? They offer advice, analysis and offer solutions to businesses and sometimes individuals in this field.

The freaky ass clown?

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Yeah, if you have one of those muthas on your tail you want all the help you can get.

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That your computer? That’s shit mate, get a new one.

Guys the joke was the typo

Though I literally am a consultant and couldn’t comfortably tell you what I do

I get it now

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Hawk by name, hawk by name



Yes, Clive brought his TV with him when we moved in together. It’s a smart TV. We use it for Netflix and not much else.