Post something you think another DiSer will enjoy



I’m sure he’s already seen it, but I reckon @Antpocalypsenow will love this


I had indeed seen it but it is so relevant to my interests that I will never tire of watching it again, thank you, friend.


This is just a general one but an excuse to post


forgot about this and love it a lot, thanks



This is a nice idea for a thread.


I think @foppyish will enjoy this


the way he stands is so much like Larry its unreal


for good measure


:smiley: I really hop[e theres a whole ton




:smiley: amaze



I’m going to find out where japes lives and leave a giant bunny rabbit in every room of his flat.


Again, I’m sure @Antpocalypsenow has seen this before but it’s a good’un.



I think @ericthefourth will be a fan of this…


Absolutely fucking lost it at 0:50. Fuuuuuck.


That video got me through some difficult times at Uni that’s for sure. Really highlights how shit our commentators are over here too :confused: