Post songs that are unhinged raging balls of energy


so much comes to mind but…







Unhinged is one way of putting it, ball of energy is another (plus a bit of raging at an unfortunate dog).


Sir - this will happen today. Thank you for the recommendation.


This has single-handedly rejuvenated my interest in TVOTR.


Never seen this before- ferocious!







no worries, after first hearing city slang i wasted time investigating his music 'cause the wikipedia calls him a soul guitarist or something. assumed the rocking came from asheton and smith, he’s definitely the mastermind though - blazing guitarist too obviously. some of the wah playing is like mascis before mascis.

unfortunately he never put an album out in his prime either, the late 80s/90s stuff is a product of it’s era - naff, 30% too slow, shiny production. the three chords and a cloud of dust comps are a delight to dig through though. some massive tunes - earthy, dangerous, downright blue, 16 with a bullet.

i like the powertrane record he put out in 2008 - kinda husker du sounding at times.
he put out a couple of records as the hydromatics doing his own old tunes and some detroit rock covers with the hellacopters as backing band. really dope.


Great thread





Unhinged :heavy_check_mark:
Raging :heavy_check_mark: