Post songs that are unhinged raging balls of energy




hells yeah


Waaaaaaay. A thread I started has gone beyond 20 post. Going to follow in Falco’s footsteps and have celebratory sandwich.


And also remember how to construct a proper sentence.


just a couple of wild punks out raising hell




skip to 1m30s for them to start playing, it properly kicks off at 2m00s

incredibly, there’s a bloke asleep on the sofa at 2m18s, i dunno how cos it sounds like a fucking bomb going off


Don’t even need to watch it (but I will) to know that I love it. Is this the one with the drunk/sleepy guy with his head planted on the table through out?


It is ha


hard to believe there would be a second video where that happens at a refused gig


No fucking wonder they packed it in not long after. Make one of the best forward thinking albums of the day - play to nobody. Fuck I wish I was there.


Sick Machine by Infest…although it gets you going then it’s over in half a minute



Oops, well that didn’t work. No Culture Icons - The Thermals:




Saw this earlier this year, shows what an incredible band they were. Such a shame they’ll never record or perform again.


Void - Who Are You?