Post songs that are unhinged raging balls of energy


This is the first Blood Brothers song I heard - it blew my tiny Epitaph/Fat Wreck-loving mind. Actually, it’s pretty standard for them when you listen to their other stuff. Still a banger, mind.


Converge - No Heroes

One of their best balls-to-the-wall hardcore tunes. So much drumming, then that bit at the end where there’s even more drumming. Ben Koller has five hands.


“The good songs” is the all-encompassing answer to this thread, by the way.


All guns blazing!






Can’t believe no-one’s posted this yet.

Nine Inch Nails - Wish


Love the drumming on this and the vocals which sound inhuman.


Was going to be my next pick!



I strongly approve of the drumming on this. YES.


3:51 (can’t find song on its own)


Sona Fariq! I’ve got this album. :smiley:


'68 - R


Dust it off every now and again. Always forget what a stomper of an album it is!


Been looking for their album on streaming sites and I’ve finally found it… on youtube. Ffs been looking for a while as well :laughing:


The '68 one? It’s a cracker! On track 4 you can hear the amp that Josh is using break!


Yeah. I’ll listen out for it on second run through now. Good album.