Post songs that are unhinged raging balls of energy


Indeed - they're brilliant live as well, so much energy, incredible drumming. They improvise quite a bit, extend songs, jam in weird bits, the odd Nirvana cover (Tourette's).


Sounds like my cup of tea. Sure I read somewhere they started working on a new album this year but cant see anything to back that up now.

Listening to them has given me the urge to revisit The Chariot. Never spent much time on them, not sure why.. I liked what I heard.


One Wing and Long Live are my favourite Chariot albums, especially One Wing - brilliant heavy album, that I recommend to everyone (the track that goes all Spaghetti-western at the halfway point is sublime!)


There are crazier Melt Banana songs, but I think this one is the most fun





also Pianos Become The Teeth's first album


also my standard

The City by the Chariot






blood brothers were (are?) amazing. one of my favourite bands for angry / doubting-humanity days.


are, definitely are


god I fucking love this song/album, gonna put it on now



Never heard of these guys but like this, will check out the album.Thanks


If you like bands like The Bronx and Drive Like Jehu you will like this. Probably not the best examples but..


A couple from my angry punk rock yoof:


:raised_hands: Propagandhi :raised_hands:


Good thread. Here's a couple more ...

Intermission by The Death Set:

Thee Alarm by Coachwhips: