Post Sugar Tax Drinks Audit

So in response to the government’s sugar tax on soft drinks, many manufacturers have lowered the sugar content rather than raising the price.

Please share which ones you’ve tried and whether they’re acceptable.

I’ll start us off.

Reduced sugar irn bru seems acceptable. You can taste the difference but it’s ok.

Reduced sugar Snapple is unfortunately a big disappointment. At first taste it’s fine but then there’s a subtle but nasty synthetic aftertaste. RIP Snapple.

I’ve been on the sugar free ginger beer for years. It’s fine once you adjust, but you can’t ever go back.

noooo not snapple! :open_mouth: that’s my go-to for a special kind of hangover

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Strawberry and kiwi mannnnnnn :cry:

Isn’t it lemon and lime?

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I don’t really drink fizzy drinks.


Thank you for that valuable input :smiley:

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Can’t believe I just asked that for ffs sake.

Same. Apart from a can of Coke about once every 2-3 months :confused:

You’re welcome.

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I can confirm from the bottle one foot away from me that yes, it is lemon and lime flavour. Jfc.

I’m more partial to a fizzy grape & elderflower from Pret.

Now that is a good one that I can confirm has not been affected (yet)

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Think you guys are all far too lenient/ forgiving of the stealth sweeteners

Hope not, that stuff was Gaash.

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Suggested post format when you have a can of fizzy drink (with an example)

Drink : Tango Orange
Country of Purchase: UK
Artificial sweetners listed in Ingredients: Yes

Let’s keep it factual people

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infinitely many refills up to 2/3 of the volume of the cup?

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Had a can of proper coke at lunchtime and now I’ve got proper shakes.

proper coke, proper haircuts

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