Post the BEST picture of you



past now


I still can’t even fucking whistle

What's your most-liked (non-heavy) post on the new site?


This picture, for 2 reasons:

  1. It’s a great picture of me

  2. That’s not my Grindr profile


The original…




oh ok that makes it different because pizzas never usually have hot cheese on them


Where’s yours tilz


There’s usually some purchase on the dang crust


The ironic use of a hashtag is very on-brand


Is this actually you?!
I thought this was just a joke that it could be you!




I saw chris de burgh last week, he was going through security in the airport just in front


did he have his snowboard


Kind of the point of this thread, though, innit?

You post loads of great photos of you with jnr all the time :slight_smile:


no, he was going to amsterdam*, not much need for snow boards there I think

*we checked his tour schedule


Love this pic so much.



Don’t do this mate. Tonnes of pics of you looking :fire: and you know it.


I remember thinking the same that time I met @jordan_229 to give him an old Wah-Wah pedal.