Post the BEST picture of you



Yep, agreed. There is a ridiculous proportion of good looking people on this forum and @elthamsmateowen is definitely one of them


Tell us more about someone stealing your photo on Grindr? Or is there no great story behind this?


I have that hoodie in jumper form.


Not heard it called that before



This is my favourite photo - so hard to nail a family selfie but this one from last year turned out good

(also a shameless attempt to get some ‘cute kids’ likes…)


Hoover 'em up son, that’s lovely x


you STILL look like Dave Grohl


North Face black jacket? Didn’t know you were a London Transport undercover ticket inspector!


I’m actually in Autechre


haha thanks, I’m very very lucky


Are you going to dress like this to the next Fenino? Say it is so.




very sexy


My friend alerted me to it, suspecting it was a fake because it had me down as 6ft (I’m 5ft 7in). I was weirdly flattered by it, though I’m curious/slightly unnerved as to who was using my photo to solicit nudes from other guys.


which one of them did you try to bone and ruin it all?


Me and meths in very cool matching waistcoats


He hasn’t changed a bit!


i know right!


He’s probably a bit taller, like.