Post the BEST picture of you



not much


actually who am I kidding this is the best picture of me

Thread for nudging deserving posts into a Nice Reply badge

The time you wouldn't stay for a pint because you had to go "downstairs"? Still </3


Can someone please change @thewarn's tag line to 'Chris De Burgh's Pro Skater 2'


yeah it's me :smiley:



as long as I keep the Belgian flag please.


Funnily enough the picture of me I posted along with another thing I did for L*sh lead to me being reported as a catfish of myself :smiley:


Mate really doesn't feel like it, but it's much appreciated. :heart:


hey man, you've got almost the most charisma on these boards AND you're pretty hot! i call that a win!


what is DeFonto even about?


I'm in for the pair of you tbh x


This is me and 2 of my offspring on the top of a welsh mountain last summer


tim you look like you could fuck some people up!


you mean like fighting?

I'm a 10 stone weakling


ask @ma0sm

(I have no idea)


This is when we blagged first class on a flight back from our honeymoon. living the dream etc


yeah, stone-cold killer!


thinly-veiled look at my manly bicep pic.


the gun show is definitely benefitting from the right shadows there