Post the BEST picture of you



The casual flex :grinning:


not exactly the best picture of me but certainly one of my all time favourites




this is awesome


Kids on shoulders is the best ever

Gutted mine are all much too big for it now


extra marks for the sweat band too


I have a couple of “baby on the shoulder” ones that could hoover up some likes actually


This is when I was just wearing a really great pair of jeans :blush: :wink:


always been a fan of this one too despite my crap hair in it

mainly reflected cuteness from my girls innit


look at those goddamn muscles <3


Loving all the family pictures :slight_smile: It’s really nice to see you in that kind of context.


shrewbie got hot!


Oh, gosh, I hadn’t noticed :blush:

Looking good yourself with the 'cep above


yeah super unflattering… hideous almost


you should see me now!!!

it is about the same


i was going to make a How Hairy Are You thread/poll but it’s too tricky






I didn’t mean ‘not the best’ as in a crap picture of me - it’s a good pic of me but it’s literally not the ‘best’ picture of me

but you knew that


the best picture of BITT would cause mass panic among women AND men on this board tbh