Post the BEST picture of you



possibly, but only because it’s highly not safe for work and it includes other people in NSFW (non) attire


Oh this one! :heart:

Number 1 best nephew.


Owen this has melted me for some reason


oh i see how it is. it’s all men with babies now smashing the likes is it? well then


not for some reason. just for a reason


The almost here completely did me



The baby is trying to tell you about that lip ring but you will not listen


i did! i no longer have it!




:DDDD HOW have you managed to pull off a golfing visor??


I just had my work picture taken, might post it in here later. I had to have a breather because I started laughing and went all red.


a visor AND a mullet


Uncle Roasty


I feel sorry for your other nephews.


And a Public Enemy poster above the crib?


Don’t have any, but even if I did they’d have to be pretty fucking amazing to win out over this one


love this top one

such unconditional joy with weans innit


My child on shoulders shot (in which I look fucking awful, but he’s happy :smiley:):


of course

Fight the Power :fist: