Post the BEST picture of you



That is so great!


I can’t put into words how much I approve of this.


I look a bit insane but she’s so happy!


thanks man - gotta raise them right : )


just saw this one and I like it a lot cause it’s of me looking really maternal


love it when kittens just go limp coz they’re chill


Going to have to steal a bloody baby aren’t I?


new weezer album’s gonna be weird!




It’s all because of Secret Santa, and my terrible memory.

When Japes asked for my address, I invented a middle name for myself because I thought it amused me.

Fast forward to ages later, the gift arrived, with me finding it hilarious that someone had made up a middle name for me.

Then I remembered that the person who made up the middle name was me.


which one is u



He’s the fucking greatest, my nephew, makes me beam any time I spend any time at all with him. The kid is funny as fuck, can’t wait to find out how awesome he turns out



too many attractive white men in this thread.


Better gtfo then pal!!!


Yeah where’s @OceanStorm ? (Who is also an attractive)


caternal more like, lol


when we first got him I took some annual leave and called it ‘caternity leave’



Always been a top red me