Post the BEST picture of you



absolute classic photo


it was a gift from me mum


I can't find the pic of me on a tiny horse so this is the next best. (on the left)


classic knee wound


Not what i expected Owen to look like


I'm the chubby one.


Wedding, crossed the TV out. Guess I can use this version of the photo if we break up.


That's the spirit.


does anyone think that @Antpocalypsenow and @profk look like they could be brothers?


Not seeing that personally, friend but it's not really on me to make that judgement is it!!!


i wish


I don't look much like this now but here's me and Mrs Jezza back in 2007 in Rome. Our first holiday together and the first time I was like 'I really love this other human so much'.

Rolling Stones badge, JFC.

9 Likes, 4 Comments - David Watson (@aguywalkshomealoneatnight) on Instagram: “#tbt with this babe to our first holiday together in Rome 🇮🇹⛪️ #rome #italy #hairdoc”


you guys could do a great spinal tap next costume party


What's wrong with being sexy?



Probably the best thing I've ever done with my life was getting a haircut.



The badge is increds.

BTW, where u been, hun?


Oh mate work has been kicking my arse and my evenings and weekends have been spent talking to estate agent scum in Morden. I think I'm officially back now? How's everyone been?


Good to know you're okay. I always get a bit worried when folk suddenly disappear off DiS for a bit. Yes @foppyish I mean you.

Absolutely nothing to report around these parts I don't think.


Haven't seen @Penoid for ages.

Also @Balo.... no I think that's it.