Post the BEST picture of you



We’ve got Brady and Hindley down to a tee for Halloween.

How do you be smiley?

Your wife's hair is properly gorgeous


I heard she was taking an internetty break I think. Still on Instaspam tho.

You're right about lonzo tho, where's he got to?????


Aww thanks mate, she's naturally curly which was always good in our clubbing days. 'Where's she go... ah she's over there'.


She's most active on twitter. Think she's mugged us off for good :sob:


I don't blame her, we're pretty awful.


I am normally a miserable git. But seeing so many lovely parents and kids/siblings photos on this thread makes me go aaawww and feel quite mushy.


Awwwwwhhh :grinning::+1:


mad that they’d have two airports so close together


guys, posting pictures with your kinds is cheating. and trying to compete by posting pictures with your nephews and nieces is DEFINITELY cheating.


Oh sorry Ronnie Rulebook.

Fuckin' nerds.


I did consider this. But then I would have had to crop them out of the picture, which would have been weird.


needs must


What are your views on stealing a stranger's baby for the purposes of the thread?


that's fine. we do what we have to to compete with these bastards.


posted mine with a kitten hehehehe


that's acceptable



ffs it's back!


Has it been posted already? makes good montage music to scroll through this thread