Post the BEST picture of you





When I have a song stuck in my head I find it helps to listen to this




Another one on the ‘father & child’ theme


You look a little like Alan Sparhawk from Low. This is a good thing.


Is that what he looks like when being fed black pudding roll?


put on a tie and sing the national anthem?


If BEST = fittest, then this one that was taken last weekend. I don’t really think a better picture could be taken of me facewise. (I am on the left.)

If BEST = most hilarious, this one from Cyprus just before I turned 2:

If BEST = most captures my pervy nature, then this from 7 yrs ago: [SPOILERED SO YOU DON’T ALL GET BONERS AT WORK TOMORROW MORNING]


Definitely this, no question.


didn’t know julian casablancas posted here!!!


Snapchat filters are pretty helpful if you’re trying to look alright.

I should invest in some make up.





I wish! :heart_eyes:


I’ll take that, cheers lopes! I used to get Johnny Borrell all the time back then :rage:


So young, so stylish. Where did it all go so wrong?


Saw this again and I’ve had a rethink. Besides the fact I look terrible, I think this is the best picture of me:

And very recent.

How do you be smiley?