Post the BEST picture of you



not the BEST but here I am trying to be a happy queen at Dover castle


which one?


The bald one doing nothing behind the banner. If you look closely you can also see my little boy’s hand on my leg.


ooh I can! I like your quiet celebratory look.


Got sent this one of me scrapping at the weekend


I’m not gonna lie: I posted this so that I could bask in the glow of the phenomenal amount of likes that it should surely have accrued.

Disappointed to see that the DiS still consists of nothing but cold-hearted cynics.


the name’s Daddy.

Charles Daddy.


How do you know my name?

Oh shit! image search!


Love the beehive!


This is surely the best photo anyone has taken to me recently. The intruder is a friend.



I can’t remember who mentioned that primitive school learning robot - maybe @Ruffers? here’s the photo I think I mentioned, anyway, me being totally mint at telling it to do stuff.

and here’s one of me and my sister, when I was 3. obviously I’m picking dandelions because I’m really cool.


Me being a sulky Bo-peep at my nursery school’s christmas play, maybe?

This is probably the coolest present day photo of me


the addition of the sheep in photo one JUST pips your second photo to the post


wait which castle is that?


Need more sheep in future photos. Noted.


that’s a wider note to EVERYONE on here tbh dis.


Duly obliged…




Manorbier in Pembrokeshire!