Post the BEST picture of you



Such a lovely photo :+1::grinning:


no shame in my game there. actually tucked my jumper in to show it off ffs


Whatever happened to my strawberry blonde hair? (I didn’t appear to be very good at washing trains)


love the two blokes looking on in sheer jealousy to the left.


Also advanced animal patting skills:


Always look great Scout :+1::grinning:


^Thinly-veiled “please post a semi-naked picture of yourself, Scout” plea (:wink:)


Haha and there was me about to ask you to post of photo of you without the yellow jacket :grinning:



its not Scout but it’ll have to do


Where did you buy that jumper?!


It is surgically attached


I’ve already posted this picture in another thread, but I don’t think a better one will ever be taken of me:


I was in a video a while back and liked how I looked in that. Dramatic.
I have plenty of very embarrassing ones to post if this seems too vain.


Charity shop


:smiley: Good lord.


This’ll have to do. V cold on brighton beach.


I like the phallus on your trousers


embarrassing ones please.