Post the worst picture of yourself you can find from when you were a student/between the ages of 16 and 22


Just found this.


too easy.


I think that there are about 3 photos of me during this time, one is a passport photo



The necklace alone

But also the lip ring
The shirt
God damn it student Rob


I think I belong to the last generation of young mad lads that considered a striped button down shirt essential ‘night out’ wear. had one when I was 15/16. nothing to be ashamed about.

necklace, though.


ooft, one more


I shall not be participating but am looking forward to watching this thread


Necklace. Not even the only one of those i had


on the right


superb. (real hair?)





I’ve got lots sporting a Brian Molko bob, not going to post one though, wouldn’t want to undermine my cool image


I’ve never posted a pic of myself on here and I’m thinking this thread isn’t the best time to reveal myself for the first time… OR IS IT?!


You can not be serious.


you are the “urgh… I can’t believe you’ve done this” guy and I claim my five pounds


My hair only did that the one night but jeesuz. I’m surprised at the lack of bad pictures on my facebook, but having two extended periods of deleting it helped with that


that sounds like a groovy cut though, hombre!


If the date is right on this photo I am nineteen years old. For some reason I am scrabbling around on the floor of a bus.