Post the worst picture of yourself you can find from when you were a student/between the ages of 16 and 22


(far from the worst but i can’t bear to have a proper look)


Why not try dressing head to toe in yellow with a tennis headband again and see where it takes you in life?


Can’t be any worse, surely


Now where to get some yellow trousers …


you look like nigel tufnell!


Friday Stats Check

You are a hero


Don’t seem to have any embarrassing ones really cos I’m such a boring cunt and have never dressed funnily


Me neither, but except it’s because I was really cool (still am).


fucking hell

n.b. i had to re-activate my myspace account to find this…


What’s wrong with being sexy?


Do you look really good now or something because this isn’t a bad photo


it’s literally the only thing i can find that still exists from then… think that was first year of uni.


What was it Louie used to say about 80% of posts on here being craven boastfulness disguised as angst?

You look really good in that picture.


i showed it to my wife and she cracked up laughing and said i look like a tiny wee baby, which is true. think i deleted most pics from that era.


I’m the one who the hair who doesn’t like being photographed:


I like this


This thread is excellent, so so excellent.
This is the worst I could find;

brazenly thinking I was very cool because I had a band tshirt and my tongue pierced. Only five years ago though so I don’t look much different now apart from a bit less… feral


antlers are a strong look


Would LOVE to contribute to this thread but I just can’t find any pictures from that time
where did I put them? ¯_(ツ)_/¯