Post your Boxing Day step count.

Lowest wins a like

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Ruined it going to the bloody coop didn’t I

Had to go out to meet my weekly target. Otherwise it would be in the 10s


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Do 6 more please


Think I’d win but I didn’t even bother putting my watch on today

I’m enjoying the fact that nobodies moved for hours looking at the times

I’ve not left the house since Monday (other than to go to a COVID test centre). If I’d been counting, my weekly count could win

Spot when i made a difficult phone call.

I’ve not left since Tuesday myself. Not even isolating

I tried :frowning:

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Ach! A for effort tho

Ffs, was just about to post this.

Great minds, eh?

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I’d have to say about 18 which was walking to my front door for the bottle of lucozade my neighbour left for me.

Not having it. Not been to the toilet, the kitchen?