Post your Boxing Day step count.

5089 with my phone which I took on our walk

Forgot quite how excruciating walking with toddlers is…:star_struck: Just want to stride out for hours

I’ve been really ill today but yeah, I did go into the kitchen once and had one wee so maybe like 60?

Hope you’ve recovered from the call.

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I’ve had six cans with another ten chilling so yeah!


I ain’t counted my steps

But I’m poorly and read Infinite Jest ans played video games and sat downstairs eating food with me parents and me nan and her bloke

So probably done like six steps


(wanted to go for a walk but it was wet)


I’m going to disgust you all as I took the dog out 3 times so it’s 10,547 for me.

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Did a run where I thought I was going to throw up.


Walked to the ground and back innit

My Garmin doesn’t measure swimming so I probably did more exercise than it thinks.

What do I win?

Fuck all

Bad times :frowning:

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daily average by month/ year

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