Post your Discogs collection random item

Haven’t listened to this for ages, will dig it out at the weekend for a spin.

I’m a massive James fan, so this felt like a welcome stop-gap during their hiatus. Booth’s vocals are so distinctive that it almost feels like a lesser James album, albeit without some the “stadium-ness” of the band. Not listened to it in a very long time though. Think I’ll give it a blast.

Fix My Life is one of those tunes I find it impossible to sit still to. I think I’ll save this to play after work!

I’ve not got that one, but do have something very similar I picked up from charity. And it is in a similar like now :smiley:.

Must be something in the mind of a record collector which makes us get stuff like this! I have too many records and bit enough time to really do it anymore but still buy some random items.

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Burmese - Colony Collapse Disorder

Url: Burmese – Colony Collapse Disorder (2009, Vinyl) - Discogs

Filth today! Burmese were a pretty horrible Twin bass noise outfit. Absolute racket. Think I picked this one up from an Austrian distro. I’ve got a split with Potop which is better I think, and the full length Men is worth your time although I’d let horrific.

Another bloody 10’ but just look at it. Lovely slab of (bees)wax

a version album, with lots of different vocal cuts to the same rhythm. Good, but a little bit goes a long way.

10 feet?? That’s a big record! :grinning:


Bit of recent Badly Drawn Boy for today.

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One of my top 5 albums of all time today. Endtroducing…

I remember buying this, Christmas '96 in Virgin, Nottingham. I’d heard “Changeling” on an NME compilation so recognised the name, then when I was browsing in store they played “The Number Song” which prompted me to buy the album.

I was blown away at those two tracks but hearing the whole album, and in particular “Midnight In A Perfect World” for the first time when I got home was something else.


Full disclosure: I’ve only got round to putting my 7"s and the ambient part of my lps onto discogs thus far!


A DiS favourite today. I remember getting annoyed that I had to tear the packaging to get into it, but it was obviously worth it. Brilliant album. Loads of first year of uni memories associated with this.


The big art cards in this are lovely


I only have the digipack version of this, if I’d been aware of that version at the time I’d have been all over it! (I do have a huge poster though, I’ll have to live with that) :slightly_smiling_face:

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One of the most valuable records in my collection. Getting Daupe! releases on Bandcamp is always stressful, but whenever it’s a Griselda release there’s an extra layer of stress on top - getting the confirmation email really felt like an achievement!

Fond of this 7"

Malcolm Middleton - Ryanair Song

Url: Malcolm Middleton – Ryanair Song (2004, Vinyl) - Discogs

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I didn’t really appreciate this album until a friend told me it was perfect for Sunday mornings and now I really like it.

It is what it is.

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Nice pick for a Sunday morning listen :+1:


Email from Resident today;


Thank you for ordering with us, it is very appreciated.

Unfortunately I have some bad news, your Oceansize LP has come back as out of stock with our suppliers and we are unable to fulfil your order this time. I have processed a full refund for the order, and it should appear back with you shortly. I am very sorry to have to disappoint you, and I hope you still manage to find it somewhere."