Post your favourite Caetano Veloso songs in here

been enjoying some of his later stuff recently
this is beautiful, scott walker-esque

indie rock banger


So many! These spring to mind immediately


Alegria Alegria was always my favourite. The little key change at the end :ok_hand:

This one is very pretty:


I’m absolutely obsessed with Caetano. Going to see him live in Paris in two weeks and it’s just about the most excited I’ve ever been for a concert.

This cover of a Jorge Ben track (with JB) is beautiful

Amazing in headphones

Song for his sister while he was in exile from the Brazilian government

Covering a Mexican folk song for the Almodovar film Hable Con Ella

Another beauty

And from his masterpiece Transa – 50 years old next year!

I actually have an acetate of an unreleased Caetano song (actually a cover but recorded in the 70s) but I can’t share that as it might be getting an official release at some point.


That first track is beautiful, haven’t heard that before.

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Remember being so taken with this soundtrack. Magical stuff. And a few years later hearing some Caetano and thinking ‘oh this really sounds like Talk to Her’. And then another few years later putting 2 and 2 together :joy:

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I’m Caetano, ask me anything.

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I’m gonna see him in Brussels
Transa is so good, was the first record of his I got into

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I got into him just around the time he played the Barbican last but not quite enough to justify the ticket price. Kicking myself now of course. So after that I said I’d travel to see him if needed because honestly not sure how many years of international touring he has in him – hadn’t accounted for Covid at the time of course.

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@shrewbie you’re in for a treat. Tonight was just the most amazing experience. Almost ruined it for myself when my excitement combined with the heat of the venue sent my anxiety sky high and I had to deep breathe for the first couple of songs. But otherwise incredible.


Last nights gig was lovely too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Think every Brazilian person in Brussels was there, got chills a few times with everyone singing along. Was slightly sad he didn’t do any English songs but oh well

Bad photo but Arena 5 is a beautiful outdoor venue, first time I’d been. Enclosed by massive cool buildings and you can see the atomium in the background


Yeah it felt the same in Paris, certainly more people in the crowd knew all the words than didn’t, and we had extended Fora Bolsanaro chants at the end. And the group singalong sections were really beautiful.

Just went to look at Setlist and annoyingly the One for the paris show is wrong (he didn’t do Nine out of Ten for example)

But I found it here:


Currently going through every studio song he’s recorded, having a nice time. 320 to go and then I can really delve into the stuff I like.

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In order?

Nah all over the shop

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Feeling a lot of this atm


Just one of the most beautiful songs :heart:

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Gal Costa died :frowning::frowning::frowning:

Such sad news. I’d been hoping to get to see her for the first time in London next year. Her catalogue is amazing.

Found this amazing video from around the time of her two essential 1969 albums recently;

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