Post your favourite KEXP performances


Wow! This is something quite special

Not familiar with him at all. Exactly the sort of thing what I was hoping for from this thread



Love KEXP performances, but hate the chat - it’s so awkward.

This is one of my favourite songs ever.


Their first performance at KEXP got me into them, amazing energy.

Adding the following:



I saw Algiers live a while ago supporting Viet Cong (now Preoccupations). The bass player kept chucking stuff around and being a bit of a dick. He also plays keyboard on some tracks, and this culminated in him bashing his instrument wildly, inadvertently knocking a can of beer all over it. He then spent the next couple of tracks unsucessfully trying to get it working again whilst gesticulating to his bandmates, before sloping off with his tail between his legs.





Electronica bands playing “live” is always a tricky proposition but Tycho absolutely nail it. Setlist could have been stronger but can’t complain!



Ha. I was going to post the Bo Ningen one - my girlfriend and I were in the front row for it!


This was another good one as well


Great segue between the first 2 songs


<3 they’re so great.


This is getting a play fo sho


In some kind of bike shop. Nice.


I love the fact Grimes went from low key proto dance here to full on RAEV at recent shows. I’ve got her Glasto performance as a full video and it takes me back to seeing her twice that year.



The Joy Formidable did a stunning version of Whirring in the same bike shop: