Post your homescreen πŸ“±


Let’s see your apps then, and your wallpaper :no_mouth:
Mine is a close up of a photo of some leaves I took, the ones in the foreground have been cropped :maple_leaf:


Storm troopers by night




Sadders that is lovely.


Mine is a pic of the ol’ ball-and-chain in one of her lovely saris so I’m not posting it on here. My homescreen apps are Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Spotify and Podcast Addict though with several widgets appearing on the secondary homescreens. Happy to answer any other questions you may have.


Lack of wallpapers with other halves on there so far.


Ooh, what you using here, spunker?



Are you in that wood somewhere, being manly?


Thanks Jezza!

The drawing is by Michael Cho from his book Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes.


trying to get wifi




Mine is of me and my wife on our wedding day. I’m not sure if posting it is a good idea but it is one of my favourite photographs of me and her.


Not even on phonebook?


Nova launcher on Samsung S6.
Some clock widget (there are loads)
Flatcons Black icon theme



It’s been this for fucking ages. Want a change. Love @sadpunk’s.



deets plz @sadpunk


You soppy git!