Post Your Letter To Father Christmas

You’re never too old.


Hi Santa

I’d like this

And I’d like 2 more dinner plates in this range, and 6 side plates to match

And this

And some more Twilight spray from Lush to help me sleep.

I like you very much when you’re Kurt Russell in Christmas Chronicles, were you hot like him in your youth?

Love, Scout, aged 36 and three quarters.


Hi santa

I have lost my wonder woman scarf so either use your powers to help me find it or a new one of those please.

I also would like some picture frames and maybe a velvet cushion.

Oh and some.more long cable knit thick socks

Thanks! Xx Slicky 40 and a bit xX


these plates have broken my head. how the fuck do they make them?

It’s just unglazed ceramic then they dip them in glaze a bit, leaving some raw, by the looks of the ones I’ve got already.

ahh, I thought it was half wood, half ceramic. doye.

Dear Christmas Spirit,

I would like it if you could fix it so R isn’t ill on Christmas day, and if I could have it so my ibs doesn’t ruin stuffing myself with food that would be really good.

Oh, I’d like a two-bed council flat as well please.

And a couple of books.

:+1: cheers


Dear Father Santa

I don’t want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don’t care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want one for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true oh
All I want for Christmas is Fender Vintera 60s Modified Telecaster in Seafoam Green


Dr Epimer, 34-36-34


Dear Father Christmas,

I will not accept anything less than a Labour majority, figuring out what to do with my life, and some Woodwick candles.

Cheers mate

Kind Regards


Dear Mr Christmas

Can I please have:
A small-medium car, one where the insurance won’t be expensive, idk, a golf or something.
Nintendo Switch
Quite fancy learning the keyboard so one of them
Bottle of Sinatra Select Jack Daniels
Passport for my wife and renew mine please and a little holiday somewhere
Mint M&Ms

Many thanks,

Dr C. Pasty


Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is a Labour government.
Sleigh safely.

Sophia X

Ps. If you’re feeling extra generous I’d be very grateful for a Carly Rae Jepson tee or jumper. Thanks xxxx


The labour thing will do me an all. Been a good boy.