Post your most expensive Discogs item

Not in a showing off kind of way - more pleasantly surprised…
Here’s mine -

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Surprisingly it’s this, pretty sure I didn’t spend more than £20 for it off eBay about ten years ago. I thought it would be the Killing Joke singles deluxe box set but that’s second after this one.


Mine is this limited vinyl release of an unreleased 2006 album by The Coral that I got for £14 new a couple of years ago and now goes for about £100!


I sold this not long ago, having bought it at release. Sold it for close to the lowest price listed here to a big fan who was thrilled to get it. I don’t like selling stuff for more than it cost me so put a lot of effort sending lots of photos, recording clips etc.

I had bought the 45rpm reissue which sounds amazing so was happy to let this go.

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looks like this at the moment - value seems to have shot up again recently but then i’ve never seen a copy out in the wild (mine was bought off their site a few years back)

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Mine’s Aphex Twin SAW 2 but it’s too boffed to sell.

Don’t really seem to have many that sell for more than £40-50 tbh.

Might be my original Frances The Mute bought when it came out. I’ve got quite a few Brazilian rarities that tip the £100 mark too.

Only do CDs so really it’s peanuts in comparison to the madness that is vinyl resale, but here’s good old Nick Drake’s 1986 Fruit Tree box-set, all-time high £107.14:

Second up, and lower in the all-time highs (£60) is Viktor Vaughn - Vaudeville Villain, but there’s only one copy for sale on Discogs and it’s £73.29 and postage from spain.

It’s this which is median €142 for some reason

Strong Wet Bandits energy from this thread.


Want to know when the lights come on timer too?



What’s your most valuable possession? Nice. And whereabouts do you keep it? Ok, when are you in?

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I’d say my place in its current state is at least as lethal as the brownstone in Home Alone 2.

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mine would have been this one

but, er, I sold it.

I also have this, which some enterprising souls are trying to sell for €500+,

but it is knackered after my little brother decided to use it for “scratching practice” while I was at university. Bless him.


This is far and away my most wanted record!

Mine is this, but I think it’ll come right down now it’s been repressed, as it should.

Kind of surprised that it’s this…

Though I have a 70s copy of the dark side of the moon that isn’t catalogued that I know is worth £100+ (part of a job lot of records given as a gift). Sadly it’s not the famously expensive one…

Sorting by max value, it’s this (spoilering cos the cover is NSFW, it’s Night Time, My Time by Sky Ferreira):


RSD version.

Looks to be this blue pressing of Spice.

Unicef were doing a raffle of a bunch of “classic” albums pressed on blue vinyl, limited to 50 of each. Tickets were £5 but when you checked out the order number represented the amount of tickets sold - turned out not many tickets had sold and I was able to work out my best chances for winning a few of them. Ended up with Spice, Nick Cage’s Skeleton Tree and Back to Black (also won Alicia Keys and Coldplay, but sold them since).

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