Post your most listened to albums of the last week



Lets try something new.
Put ur lastfm username into this site and then put it in your reply
and we’ll recommend music based on that.
Also discuss music ect
Should b fun

Post your most listened to albums of the last YEAR ( thread)





been listening to a lot of John K Samson this week, where should I start with Weakerthans?


that Pinegrove album is a belter, reminds me of Whiskeytown


I reckon Left and Leaving, or Reconstruction Site. But they’re all good. My personal favourite is Left and Leaving.


Not on last fm
It’d be XO (elliott smith), Skeleton Tree (NC+TBS), Carrie and Lowell (Sufjan), Babylon Springs (Mountain Goats), Rocket to Russia (Ramones), Chairs Missing (Wire), and Coltrane live in Sweden some long time ago


nice one cheers, will check them out



i am not on either. the only album i have listened to in the last week has been the new divine comedy one, about 12 times.


I regret nothing





Yeah, I saw them at EOTR, and they’re cracking live too. Lots of energy, great songs. Will definitely be getting more plays




So good :slight_smile:


Also that kaytranada is really great.