Post your most listened to albums of the last week



Thanks Ic-Smic! Done it!


How is that Grimes album?


Like an overlong Visions without the standout tracks, but then I love Visions...


Visions is great tbh




you could use if you want :slight_smile:


tasty amount of gbv in this thread

lo fi till I die

the returned soundtrack is so fucking good, probably my favourite by them


yeah i found Vampire On Titus on CD in the market at Grand Social in Dublin yesterday, quite pleased, it seems hard to find normally. there were a couple of others i didn't have too and some other good stuff but only had €5 on me so settled for just that. Let's Go Eat The Factory is really underrated IMO, seems to get a lot of flack, dunno if it's just cos it was the first of the reunion albums so had the weight of expectation on it, it's definitely stronger than some of the later ones.

Les Revenants wouldn't quite be one of my top Mogwai records overall but I think it's easily the best of their soundtracks so far. I haven't really gotten into Atomic, but I went to see the film earlier in the QFT and it sounded amazing, so need to give it another spin on its own.


Still not sure about the American football album - it sounds pretty but....

Julia Holter is still the best


I've been all over the place.



Did a fair amount of playlist listening last week, so full albums weren't given so much time. Loving that Lampchop album though, and for some reason that's the first time I've ever played Street Legal, despite a fondness for Dylan's work.



That Hammock album is really fantastic. I've been really enjoying it since getting that song of theirs on your mixtape. Well on the way to becoming a favourite release of the year. Love the artwork too.


That's my favourite thing about mixtape club, having a tangible physical cd to listen to does make me more inclined to check out other bands. I think I've bought at least 2 records per mix I've been given, some of which have become long term favourites. The Hammock album was my first by them and I am starting to look at their (extensive) back catalogue. Cheers!


Thanks for the tips on how to set this up @Icarus-Smicarus. I didn't even know what last fm was really about until reading this thread last week. Managed to get itunes and spotify linked and looks like it will pick up ipod plays when syncing too.

Dug out some Hood for a drive on saturday evening and remembered how awesome they were. The perfect autumn band.


Are you finding the Daughter album to be a keeper? Played their first (and the EPs in particular) to death but I haven't really listened to this one since early in the year.


Yeah definitely. It's one of the reasons I still cling to physical media. For whatever reason I tend to invest a lot more time and patience into any music I have in a CD or vinyl format. It's too tempting to just click around and be thinking about what to listen to next rather than just focusing on what you're listening to right now with streaming.

I've discovered plenty from the two rounds I've taken part in. Shame to have missed out on the last round, but stuff got in the way.

I'm going to dig back in Hammock's catalogue too once I've absorbed this one properly. Thanks for bringing them to my attention.