Post your most listened to albums of the last week



It's the first album of theirs I've really gotten into

I'm liking it a lot, still playing it plenty



Aye, LGETF is pretty great at points, but Class Clown is better for my money. All those reunion albums are pretty good.

Not listened to the new one, kinda feels weird for some reason.


i like Class Clown but don't think it has as many standouts. Bears For Lunch is probably the best overall i reckon. the three after that are all ok but feels like they've used up all their best stuff too quickly.

new one is a bit too messy and boring and pretty much a Bob solo album. i'll be interested in hearing the next one though now that Gillard is back.






Bit DiS this list:



Leonard kind of took over my stereo after Fridays sad news. Up until then I was also listening to the latest Tortoise and Hope Sandoval albums.



Enjoying the BADBADNOTGOOD album - worth checking out their other stuff?

This Mick Jenkins kid seems pretty good too - any fans?


I'm loving the BADBADNOTGOOD album too!

The only other album I've heard is their album Sour Soul that they did with Ghostface Killah. Really worth checking out if you like your hip hop jazzy.


Ah cool - didn't know about that.

I like a bit of Ghostface, so may well give that a try!



What album is the bottom right cover?



Future of the Left - At Magnetic West EP