Post your most listened to albums of the last week





ooh gonna pop on saw 8592 for my evening walk


I’m guessing you’ve made a start on your space mixtape! :rocket: :crescent_moon: :telescope:


Good spot, taking it to warp speed at this very moment…


Good stuff, mine too.

Currently waaaay too long and full of very long songs though. Love this theme, but some tough cuts ahead!


Indeed - my ‘rejects’ (space debris?) list would make an equally strong mix in themselves, in fact I might have a go and see which one makes the cut!


need 2 learn how 2 fingerpick on guitar/play guitar to a decent standard
also if anyone can give some rnb recs it’d b gr8


In Webspace, Everyone Can Hear You Stream!

(bit laboured, but just about works)



paddez seems to be broken but i accidentally found

you have to save it and put .jpg at the end though so it’s a load of shite


Yeah noticed that. Ruined my weekly post


Surprised by how much I’m enjoying the new Mary Chain



really liked the 1st and 3rd tracks. the rest passed me by a bit but was quite enjoyable. gonna see em next weekend so must give it a few more spins. glad they’re not touring a shit album as i’d suspected might be the case.


@1101010 could you edit into the OP because Paddez is being unreliable please? :slight_smile:



Done I think