Post your most listened to albums of the last week





ahh i see an alternative to paddez has been found



@1101010 you’ve bollocksed up the tapmusic link in your op edit, theo



Must have been mobile selecting the link through number as well, I guess.

Updated now.


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ok i’m back in club


The all black one seems to be the Portal 2 soundtrack.


smash :smiley:



Yes, a firm favourite of mine but the whole soundtrack is great.


Yeah, it’s all down to @VincentAdultman’s thread about songs with no lyrics or whatever it is.


i actually made a smah reference the other day on here as well!


I posted this on Facebook but when I was reading the Wikipedia for the album I noted this about the last track:

I only own this one Offspring album, but it turns out Change the World is the final track on the next album, Ixnay on the Hombre. Anyhow, this is right: that track begins with this quiet little drum and guitar instrumental. But to me it’s always just been a reworking of the Genocide riff.

(This also lead me to discovering people mishear Genocide’s Dog Eat Dog lyric as ‘Donkey Kong’ :smiley: )


just here to chime in about how great Smash is. brilliant album.


Rips :hearts::hearts::hearts:


what’s the boob one


Vaura - The Missing. Their first album Selenelion is better though. Metalish with postpunkgaze vibes.