Post your most listened to albums of the last week




Christian Fitness would be in there hard if it was on a streaming site


bandcamp is a streaming site :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(i added the local files to spotify)


Bandcamp question (not phrased like a question): I want Christian Fitness on my phone (Android). I downloaded the bandcamp app but can you not download? Only stream? If so this is bullshit, but what then is my best alternative? Do you literally just slam the mp3s over and play them in some sort of presumably terrible Google-based music player on the phone?

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Stephen x


you can download from the purchase receipt email. don’t think you can download from the app for some reason


I’ve got the downloads on my laptop, but it doesn’t let you download to a phone. I’ve never put music on an android phone, only Spotify.


i download the files onto my computer, add them to a spotify playlist and then download on the spotify phone app


I did not know you could do this. Game changed.



Does it not limit you to a few plays before it asks you to buy? Be buying it at some point, when funds allow. It’s also on youtube

Edit - I’m on Deezer


I assume cowcow’s talking about once you’ve actually bought it and downloaded officially, which I have.

It’s shit that it’s on YouTube, Falco deserves to make some money.


Ah got you (s). I know, it’s shite that these albums fly under the radar and he/they (seem) to be just getting by. Past two CF albums are on par with anything FOTL have released, for me. Boy can do no wrong. Anyone seen/read/written any reviews for CF?


if you click the download link in the email on your phone, it’ll take you to a page about getting the app, but if you scroll down there should be an option saying “if you prefer to download directly to your phone, here’s how”. i don’t know why they downplay the phone downloading so much but you can find it in the small print.


Perfect, thanks. My bandcamp library is basically flawless.


expanded edition

yes that is 89 plays of nonagon infinity :scream:

more i guess

no idea how i found the time for all these albums :scream:



Didn’t quite work :frowning:


With the new site you need to save the image onto your computer then upload it to Dis :slight_smile:


Cheers. I’ll remember for next time.


wrote a review of the first album at the time but it was a bit rushed and terrible, found i didn’t really know what to say about it aside from “this is awesome”.

was thinking of doing one for the new album if the editors fancy it


Gonna start doing this on sunday nights. Still seems like the official chart day to me.

ambient as hell this week